Everyone of us has had a great idea at one time or another. Unfortunately, most of these ideas never come to life because they could not be written down or shared with others at an opportune time or were just considered too risky or difficult by people who had funds and resources to make them come true.

Imagine that your idea is a literal lightbulb that you could put a price tag on and sell at an open market. YouToken is a startup that does just that. It leverages the power of blockchain to offer a conceptually new approach to traditional crowdfunding. Now everyone can tokenize their ideas and convert them into value.

How it works

Users registers their ideas in the marketplace and are assigned an individual token (YTN_creatorname). Investors registered on the platform browse the ideas and may choose to support some of them by buying YTN_creatorname tokens.

Just like company stocks, the value of YTN_creatorname tokens rises as the entrepreneur becomes more and more successful and his business grows.

YouToken will focus on the personalities of entrepreneurs, not just their products. The crowdfunding process will also be greatly simplified, with no paperwork and legal entities required to register as entrepreneur.

Benefits for investors and entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs will get an opportunity to bring their ideas to life and convert their intelligence into value. They will also become part of a community of like-minded individuals helping each other along the way and providing valuable feedback.

Investors will get to support brilliant ideas at the very conception and become the first to discover the next Elon Musk or Steve Jobs. Furthermore, the investor’s interests are protected by the ownership of YTN_creatorname tokens.

Tokens and their utility

The ecosystem issues two types of tokens: YTN and YTN_creatorname. While YTN represented the system as a whole, YTN_creatorname is issued to each entrepreneur registered on the platform. Both tokens are linked to the success rate of entrepreneurs, and so is their future exchange rate. Users and entrepreneurs within the system will be able to acquire, hold and sell YTN_creatorname tokens, while YTN is issued only to the participants in the token sale.


According to the project’s roadmap, YouToken has completed the “Proof-of-Concept” crowdsale and raised the minimum cap of $300k in February 2018. In March 2018 they released the alpha version of the marketplace. In April 2018 they are opening an office in the Silicon Valley and are planning to reach a milestone of 100+ registered creators. The goal of 1000+ creators registered on the platform is set for July-August 2018. By September 2018 YouToken plans to enter public cryptoexchanges.


The YouToken team has an extensive background in cryptocurrencies, digital marketing and fintech. CEO Ilya Volkov created Investory, an educational video project that highlights more than 1000 business cases. CTO Viacheslav Taran serves as a partner at FXC-QCP VC and is a Co-founder of the Forex Club Group. Renat Gafarov is responsible for technology. He is also on the team at BestRate.

The advisors include Bill O’Connor, Founder at Autodesk Innovation Genome, Marina Wolters, responsible for strategic partnerships at Silicon Valley Innovation Center, Linda Avendaño-Franco, Head of UI Engineering at Curai, and Katya Dorozhkina of Starta Ventures.

Traffic summary

Traffic to this ICO comes from the United States, Italy, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam. Most of the traffic is delivered via referrals, mostly from Bitcointalk. Next comes direct traffic with a 37,44% share. Social traffic brings 13,33% of the total traffic. Ethereum ads generate 0,50% of the traffic.

The YouToken team decided to hold a DAICO rather than ICO. That means investors will have more stake in the project’s future. Their private ICO for investors starts on May 1, don’t miss it if you are interested. Meanwhile, study a wealth of information available on their website.