TravelChain is a decentralized blockchain-based platform that facilitates data exchange between the players on the travel market. Built on a public open-source DPOS blockchain, TravelChain will be managed by a community of users who will be able to share and grant access to their data for a reward in Travel Tokens.

TravelChain will aggregate the user-submitted data to provide a smart travel ecosystem to enable travel businesses to connect with their customers. The AI algorithms deployed within the ecosystem will collect and sort the Big Data to allow businesses to learn more about their audience. The mission of TravelChain, according to their whitepaper, is to democratize the smart travel big data and revolutionize the way people travel.

TravelChain have a functioning MVP, i.e., a community and blog platform for travelers, based on Steemit and Golos blockchains. Starting from January 2017 the Mapala users received over $250,000 worth of reward tokens for their contributions. TravelChain have also signed partnership agreements with and, whose audience exceeds 3 million users.


Users will be able to monetize personal data. Users will be able to give permission to access and use their data in exchange for Travel Tokens. They will able to convert these tokens into money or spend them on travel services.
Customized travel. Using Big Data, travel services will be able to tailor a tour or itinerary to the customer’s needs.
Cutting costs for businesses. Small to medium enterprises (SME) will save on advertising by targeting the right audience.
Eliminating intermediaries. Businesses will sell their products directly to customers without the need for middlemen and their high commissions.
Rewarding influencers. Services will be able to identify users with lots of followers and ask them to promote their products to their audience.

Token utility

When users grant access to their data, they get TravelTokens. Later they will be able to redeem these tokens for cryptocurrency or exchange them for the in-platform services. According to the whitepaper, the price of the tokens will be in direct relation to data growth. Accumulation of more data will attract the interest of businesses and developers. The higher the level of involvement on the platform, the more tokens businesses and users will be able to receive.


The TravelChain ecosystem will comprise:

– A public open-source blockchain based on the Graphene core
– APIs and libraries, as well as rules and standards for applications within the ecosystem
– The TravelChain web interface
– The TravelChain mobile application and widgets
– Ecosystem applications built by users and third-party developers
– Browser plug-ins and extensions
– Advertising platforms
– Reputation agencies


The MVP of the platform was launched in mid-December 2017. The working network is scheduled for release in February 2018. Partner networks will be integrated with the platform in Q1 and Q2 of 2018. The developer community will be established in Q2 of 2018. In Q1 and Q2 of 2019 TravelChain will deploy infrastructure solutions to scale the platform.


The TravelChain team comprises three founders: Ilya Orlov, Alexey Muravjev, and Alexey Solovyev. Ilya Orlov who acts as CEO acquired top management experience at Interatlantic, a 500-strong food production company. An impressive team of advisors include Karthik Iyer of BlockchainMonk, Christoph Hering, co-founder and CEO of Bitshares Munich and Graphene ambassador, Desmond Marshall, member of global Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Alex Tourski of, Dmitry Machikhin, partner at GMT Legal.

Audit reports

The TravelChain ICO was website to learn more.

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