We have discussed some options for the future of ICO in 2018, and have established that it is likely to evolve but, as a radically new form of fundraising, it will certainly stay. We have compiled a list of ICOs that are starting early next year and promise the biggest returns for investors.


At one time or another, most of us need expert help or consultation but don’t know where to go or don’t want to hire expert services under a long-term contract. Experty applies blockchain to the concept of knowledge sharing to turn it into a lucrative business idea.

Experty connects knowledge providers with clients through voice and video calls. The expert areas are infinite: ranging from lawyers and translators to YouTube influencers. Experts set their rates per minute in USD, answer a client’s call and get paid in EXY utility tokens, when finished.

Experty team highlight that they are not a marketplace. Instead, they opt for the full decentralization and connect clients and experts via links in the profile that experts may choose to publish.


RightMesh is a Canadian-based startup on a mission to bring connectivity to nearly 4 billion people from disadvantaged environments. They are creating an Ethereum-based network where users share their digital resources such as storage and bandwidth. Users can access the networks on their phones which become nodes to carry the network using their WiFi and Bluetooth connection.

RightMesh is a decentralized solution that offers a more resilient alternative to the internet that is vulnerable to government interference, natural disasters and infrastructure breakdowns. Their utility token (MESH) is ERC20-compatible and serves to reward users for sharing their digital resources.


Cypherium is a permissionless smart contracts platform that brings infinite scalability to blockchain. They use a hybrid Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance/Proof of Work consensus mechanism to increase transaction speeds and scale the network as required.  

The biggest strength of the project is an experienced team with a proven track record in cryptography and tenure in Google, Microsoft and Amazon.


Trippki offers a new approach to hotel reward programs that is dedicated to building better relationship between the players in the hospitality industry and their guests.

The Trippki reward program will work as follows: once the guests check out, they receive a bonus in the form of Trippki utility token, TRIP. TRIPS can be spent or traded at the owner’s discretion, however, thanks to the power of blockchain, they are also recorded in the ledger, building the owner’s reputation and strengthening his relationship with a specific hotel. Hotels, in turn, will have an opportunity to market their services to targeted groups of users.


There is a number of blockchain solutions in the sports industry, however, FansUnite offer a novel concept – they are the first blockchain-based betting platform. The betting market today is plagued by price and liquidity issues and security concerns. Their business model is based on an existing sports prediction platform that will be transferred to the Ethereum blockchain. The main difference of FansUnite from other betting websites will be low commissions, fast payouts thanks to a Hybrid Oracle, trustless betting powered by smart contracts and auditable transactions made available by Secureplay blockchain tool.

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