What is Smart Contract?


In a number of platforms (primarily Ethereum) – the form of a network agent whose behavior is completely automated and strictly determined. In essence, a smart contract represents a certain amount of software code (different for various platforms), in which all the behavior of this agent is strictly defined.

Imagine that an arbitrarily complex contract (for example, on a real estate transaction) is described in a formal mathematical language, and all transactions within the framework of this contract will occur automatically as the conditions described in the contract are fulfilled (this will be taken care of by the block) – without intermediaries, instantly, and most importantly – no one can change the terms of the transaction or erase the history of operations.

In our era of digital signatures and block-system users of systems expect from service providers to minimize (no) offline interaction, but they require speed, security and cheapness of operations. Smart contracts are a tool in solving all these problems.

What is TargeAd?


TargeAd specializes in Advertising activities related to crypto related products, services and ICO.

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TargeAd offers Smart Contracts development


From now on we are happy to announce that TargeAd offers creation, development and programming of smart contracts as a service:

  • ICO

We will create a smart initial coin offering contract and release tokens

  • Audit

We can audit the existing smart contract and give an independent expert evaluation

  • Technical task

We will select a platform and draft technical requirements for the development of a smart contract

  • Brain storm

Let’s take part in a joint brainstorming session, formalize and finalize your idea


Please contact [email protected] for more information or visit our dedicated page!