Robomed Network presents a new and more efficient healthcare network powered by blockchain tokens. The Robomed Network ecosystem will connect medical service providers and patients via smart contracts. The patients receive the best possible value, while the system ensures that patients outcomes are measured and clinical guidelines are accomplished.

The project will store all patient data in an encrypted form on the blockchain. The patient will be able to grant access to these data to any healthcare institution connected to the Robomed Network. Smart contracts will ensure that best medical practices are observed.

Robomed Network will use the services of the renowned medical experts to control the quality of medical services on the platform. The project creators claim that patients will be able to refuse payment if the quality of medical services is proved to be unsatisfactory.

Existing platform

The Robomed Network ICO is built around an already functioning solution – Robomed IT System, an automated planning and resource management system that enables healthcare institution to monitor and register services and sales. The Robomed solution is being used by more than 80 clinics in seven Russian cities.

State of the Market

Healthcare market is one of the most economically stable industries, with key markets located in North America, European Union and Asia. Digital health startups have been receiving more and more funding since 2012, and investors still remain bullish on the market.

This promising market could really benefit from having a secure and always accessible patient database and medical service quality assessment.

How the platform works

Robomed will collect a knowledge database using the contributions from medical community and pay for their contributions in RBM tokens. Contributing patients will also receive token rewards for their votes.

To receive a medical service, a patient will select a smart contract containing best practices for treating the condition. The funds on the patient’s account will be locked until all procedures described in the smart contract are fulfilled and the outcome is evaluated. If the quality of the service is adequate and the patient is satisfied, the funds are transferred to the healthcare provider.


According to the project creators, they developed a prototype Robomed EHR in early 2016. The first clinic was connected to the Network in April 2016. Robomed Mobile and Robomed Web applications were developed during 2016 and 2017. In 2018 the startup plans to add functionality and patient data analytics. Patient data prediction system will be added in 2019. In 2019 the startup expects to accumulate 250 k active monthly users.


The co-founders of Robomed Network are Philipp Mironovich, who has 7 years of entrepreneurial experience in the medical market and was finalist of the EY 2015 “Entrepreneur of the Year” award, and Ivan Devyatkov, who has 9 years of hands-on experience in healthcare sector with western IT companies. The CTO is Andreas Kumbroch, also Managing Director at Allocate Software, ex-Managing Director for Compugroup Medical and founder of vision4health.

Audit report

The Robomed Network ICO was audited by Digrate and ranked B1 on the Investment Attractiveness Scale and LOW on the Fraud Risk Scale. The auditors highlight that the team has a functioning business to integrate with their proposed blockchain solution. The audit report also notes such strengths of the ICO as a well-defined roadmap and budgeting scheme, team’s experience and merits, high internal value of tokens and contracts with influential advisors from the world of blockchain and medical research.

Traffic summary

Traffic to this ICO comes mostly from Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, China and Russia. Over 57% of the traffic is direct, while slightly over 7% of the traffic is delivered via referrals. Ethereum ads generate a staggering 33% of the total traffic. The share of social traffic is smaller and comprises 0,70%, with Facebook, YouTube and VK as the most prominent traffic sources.

To learn more visit Robomed’s website or read their whitepaper.

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