ICO was the talk of the town in 2017 and shows no sign of slowing down in early 2018. ICO may have its share of problems, but at its come it is a great way to evade bureaucracy and allow your exciting and visionary project to be funded by users who really need it.

Anyone who has ever tried to start an own ICO knows a multitude of technicalities one has to deal with to build the infrastructure from the ground up and start receiving contributions. Even if your team is stuffed with expert programmers and coders, it may be a daunting task.

Let’s look at the process of payment. What problems are there?

Problems in accepting ICO contributions

1. ICO generally don’t accept fiat. Many potential investors are not from the cryptocommunity, so fiat currencies would be a preferred means of payment for them. Unfortunately, recent legal regulations made it virtually impossible for an ICO to accept EUR or USD to the detriment of conversion.
2. Developing payment tools is a slow and expensive process. Even the simplest payment tool that accepts only cryptocurrency will require minimum 3 weeks of your developers’ time and effort. And developers are not the only people you pay to have your payment tool polished. All this considered, you’ll have to pay $7,000 to 10,000.
3. Exchange-related losses. BTC and ETH are not the only cryptocurrencies in the worlds. Altcoins would have been a good investment in your project, but you lose a sizable portion of them to commissions your investors pay when they exchange alts to BTC.

Our partners at BestRate have designed an ICO Payment Tool to address these problems.

Advantages of BestRate ICO Payment Tool

1. Supports over 80 currencies

The BestRate ICO payment tool is powered by the BestRate.org exchange the supports 80+ cryptocurrencies. Therefore, this payment tool allows your ICO to accept many altcoins in addition to BTC and ETH.

2. USD and EUR supported

In addition to 80+ cryptocurrencies, the BestRate ICO payment tool accepts fiat to eliminate one of the biggest hurdles on the way of investors.

3. No hidden fees

Your ICO gets the same amount as the investors have transferred. BestRate will charge you only a small fee for helping set up the widget.

4. No KYC and fiat exchange risks for you

You receive a transfer to your wallet from the exchange, not from an investor, and the exchange is responsible for clearing all KYC-related risks. The origin of funds is not longer your problem.

5. Customizable interface

You are free to customize the interface to your taste or enjoy the presets. You can set the range of investment, define bonuses for whale investors and adjust other options. For example, if an investor transfers <10 ETH, your set bonus can be 10%, or if an investor sends <20 ETH, the bonus can be 15%.

6. Monitor transactions in real-time

All transactions and their detailed history are viewable in your account in real-time.

7. Simple to integrate

Start getting payments just by pasting the code generated by BestRate in your website.

BestRate: only the best rates to exchange crypto

Crypto investors often find it difficult to exchange their crypto across platforms. Enter BestRate to offer always the best rate from many partner platforms, such as:

      • Bittrex
      • Shapeshift
      • Changelly
      • Evercoin

BestRate also works with Simplex, a platform for purchasing crypto for fiat.

Working with BestRate for maximum profit

1. Investors select the type of crypto they have.
2. The search engine looks for the best rates offered by partner platforms and automatically calculates how many tokens can be bought with this amount.
3. The coins sent by investors are converted into the currency supported by your ICO at the best rate and transferred to you.
4. You reward investors with your tokens in any way you think appropriate. Tokens can either be sent directly to user-defined wallets or to an Ethereum wallet you create for this purpose on your website.

BestRate solution helps investors save up to 20% by offering the best exchange rate, so that you get up to 20% more funds for your project!

How to integrate the BestRate payment tool to your ICO

Two options are offered:

1. A personal account tethered to a unique Ethereum wallet is created for each investor

This option is natively integrated. In this way, the exchange doesn’t need to ask the investor where to send the money exchanged. Investors send their funds without any risk and they don’t have to look for their ETH wallet. The unique ETH wallet is used to receive payments and get distributed tokens.

2. A smart contract

The second options comes with two possible scenarios.

1) You set up an Ethereum wallet, BestRate forwards all money to this wallet and send a notification to you via API or in the Partner Cabinet.

2) BestRate sets up an ETH wallet for you on their platform. Once the money is transferred, the API calls a smart contract with the investor’s ETH address to send your tokens directly the investor’s way. This scenario is useful for distributing non-transferable tokens.

Become a BestRate ICO Payment Tool User

1. Request to join on the website.
2. As soon as the request is confirmed, log into the account and adjust the widget.
3. Enter your wallet address so that the platform could generate a code for you to receive money.
4. Paste the code into your website and receive money.

The ICO payment process has never been easier. Join in!

If you don’t have an ICO or hesitant, you still can become an affiliate. All you have to do is to forward your clients to us and receive 30% of their payment.