Nitro is an independent blockchain-based online platform that connects all stakeholders within gaming economy, from rank-and-file gamers to large-scale investors and game studios.

Nitro proposes Nitro Marketplace to solve one of the most urgent problems in today’s gaming industry, i.e. non-transparent funding of new games. Nitro will be a gateway to the monopolized gaming market for up and coming game studios and will make every gamer’s wish come true: they will get to decide which project receives funding from the Nitro platform.

Nitro is the first blockchain-based solution to receive support from a publicly traded company – iCandy Interactive Limited listed by Australian Securities Exchange.

Problem statement

The growth of the booming gaming industry is hindered by structural problems. One of the is an imperfect economy, or a market controlled by a few large corporations. Another issue is lack of communication between the stakeholders and lack of access to funding for new promising game studios.


Nitro will bring all stakeholders onto an integrated platform, where promising game studios will get access to early stage funding. At the same time, the studios will be able to connect with gamers and receive their feedback on early stages of game development. This will dramatically improve the variety and quality of new games. Gamers in turn will be able to use NOX tokens they receive for participation to purchase in-game items.


The Nitro team have published a very solid whitepaper where they specifically address legal considerations and risk factors. Their vision is clearly presented, and the token sale and use procedure is delineated in detail. A whole section is devoted to Nitro’s partnership with iCandy and what it brings for the future investors.


The Game Funding Platform will be launched in March 2018. The Nitro Marketplace pre-launch cycle will commence in June 2018 through September 2018. The Marketplace is expected to go live in November 2018. The team are planning to launch Marketplace Network in April 2019.


Key members of the team include Directors Kin-Wai Lau, CEO of Fatfish Internet Group and Fatfish Global Ventures, Chairman of iCandy Interactive, who successfully brought 5 tech companies to IPO, and Gerald Tock, COO of iCandy Interactive and a veteran of game industry. The CTO is Jason Giambona, co-founder of Beam Storage and CTO of Fintech Asia Group. Evgeniy Arhipov is in charge of blockchain development. His development experience includes Buydentity supply chain platform on Ethereum audited by Microsoft, a KYC platform for banks and a case of Ripple technology integration for Russian banks.

Audit report

The Nitro ICO was audited by Digrate and rated LOW on the Fraud Risk scale. The auditors noted specifically that the goals of the project were clearly defined, the team proved that they had sufficient resources to meets these goals. A strength of the project is the experience of the team and founders.

Traffic summary

Traffic to this ICO comes from Singapore, the United States, Russia, Thailand, and Kazakhstan. Direct traffic comprises nearly 40% of the total traffic. Referrals from such websites as Bitcointalk, Coingecko and other ICO listings deliver 20,5% of the traffic. The share of social traffic is 16%, with Facebook, Reddit and Twitter as the major traffic sources. Ethereum ads generate nearly 8% of the traffic.

Their crowdsale starts very soon, so check out their website.

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