Smart contracts on the blockchain don’t have street smarts or any knowledge of real life. Sometimes there are things in life that may put our crypto savings at risk.

Private key loss is fatal for your crypto savings
4.000.000 BTC out of 16.000.000 BTC generated have been lost forever.

No regulated procedure in case the owner dies or becomes legally incapacitated
No one is safe from unpredictable life events: an estimated one cryptocurrency wallet owner dies every 13 minutes.

– No way to transfer crypto asset at the onset of an event in future
The on-chain world could use some practices from the fiat world such as wedding contracts or children’s savings accounts.

My Wish proposes a decentralized platform for standalone smart contracts designed to integrate blockchain solutions to the real world.

– Integrated with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin.
My Wish features a smart contract library to manage your savings in the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

– Custom smart contracts
The first customized smart contract developed for the platform is LastWill. It allows to transfer a user’s savings to his/her family or friends in the event of a sudden illness or death.

– Smart contract runs with no further effort
My Wish have created the “Joule”, an innovative decentralized procedure of smart contract invocation to ensure that users’ smart contracts will be executed no matter what.

– Earning opportunities for all participants
My Wish offers a framework for third-party developers and auctions for smart contracts calling, so that anybody can be rewarded for their contributions to the platform.


My Wish has launched a suite of the following smart contracts:

– Private key loss
Allows to transfer crypto assets if the private key is lost

– Deferred payment
Automatic transfer of funds or payment of bills on a pre-defined date

– LastWill
Inheritance transfer in the event of an owner’s death or illness

– Kid savings account
A savings account payable as soon as a child becomes of age.

– Wedding contract
A smart contract for spouses planning their future together.

This list is not exhaustive as the library can be updated with self-calling contracts for any transaction, including contracts with suppliers, voting contracts, real estate sales, manufacturing and sales tracking contracts, supply chain contracts, and token sale contracts.

Core Team
The team behind My Wish has already launched 20+ high-tech products on the international market. The project was founded by Vladimir Tikhomirov who acts as CEO and is also a founder of DDG, a software development center. He was a Product Manager at Motorola Solutions for 7 years. The CTO and Principal Ethereum Engineer is Valeriy Dubrava, a blockchain and smart contracts evangelist with 10+ years of hands-on experience in backend development of high load products. The advisory board includes Dmitry Machikhin who also acts as legal blockchain expert and Arnold Pham who also acts as Ethereum expert.

Traffic Overview
Top five traffic-generating geos for this ICO are Russia, Czech Republic, United States, Belgium, and Switzerland. Over 43% of the total traffic is direct, while referrals are responsible for 37,5% of the traffic. Top referring sites include ICO listings, bitcoin news websites and Ethereum scanners. 18% of the traffic is generated by organic search, and the remaining 1,2% of the traffic is social. Ethereum traffic is not fueled by ethereum ads at the moment.

Check this ICO out at their website. If you want to learn more details, read also their whitepaper.

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