As a follow-up to our review of ModulTrade ICO back in November 2017, we would like to share the exciting news: their ICO has already collected 8 922 ETH (and counting), which is roughly equivalent to $11.5 million, or 2 000 ETH over their projected soft cap, which means that you, the investors, have given a new project with great potential a chance to come to life.

We at TargeAd are proud to have assisted our partners ModulTrade in reaching this landmark. The TargeAd team has helped to raise 8 922 ETH through various channels, including AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, RTB traffic as well as by way serious optimization of advertising campaigns, the ICO webpage, heavy product promotion, and an array of proven advertising techniques.

ModulTrade presents a decentralized platform to connect medium and small businesses around the world and make their trade relations simpler and more efficient. The goal of ModulTrade is to help small businesses to trade freely and compete with large multinational corporations. ModulTrade are using smart contracts and ERC-20 compliant MTRc token to build the ModulTrade Value Ecosystem (MVE) and help small businesses to transact with each other without the need for traditional financing instruments, such as letters of credit or bank guarantees.

Since the launch of their ICO in mid-November 2017, ModulTrade have managed to strike a number of big partnership deals, including with, a major mining hardware producer, received support from experienced financial analysts, including Andy Fang, one of the top Chinese analyst, and conducted a full cycle trade transaction in China. They have been rated as Low Risk by ICORating and have received an aggregate score of 4.4 on ICObench.

The ModulTrade team are running their ICO till January 27. If you are interested in their vision or product, hurry up and hit their website, you still can get on board.

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