Mobile advertising has become an important part of every marketing strategy. Companies should not only keep an eye, but truly focus on it, since we all are operating in the mobile market. Here comes immediately two main questions: what are the best ways of mobile advertising and what ad format better to choose?

Mobile Advertising 

The mobile market has become more and more important for all marketers, beginning from advertisers to media buyers. The number of people owning and using a smartphone has grown rapidly in recent years. In 2017, it has already reached 2.32 billion people worldwide who are using a smartphone. So we can say that the importance of mobile market is growing fast from year to year and many marketers already begin to follow the mobile only strategy.

Coming to basics, mobile advertising is a special form of advertising on mobile devices using special advertising formats adapted to small mobile screens. There are different types of devices on which mobile advertising is displayed: beginning from internet-capable mobile phones/smartphones, to the tablet computers and similar devices.

Surely mobile advertising is a part of marketing strategy in every company, however it should not be part of a traditional marketing campaign: it is much more than that. Mobile advertising should be looked at from a separate point of view, since it is more complicated than plain billboards – with way more opportunities from the one side, and therefore also difficulties, from the other one. The most difficult part of mobile advertising is to create an ad that the users find interesting and acceptable. A study performed by defacto research & consulting found out that only 14 % of the surveyed would accept a mobile ad that is not personalized, however 30 % of the surveyed would accept a mobile ad that is tailored to their personal interests and needs. On the other hand, users find it disturbing if the ad is too personalized. They fear to be transparent for companies, which leads into suspicion. Thus, you need to find a balance between a personalized mobile advertising and a not too personal, professional ad.

The main goal of a mobile advertising strategy is to make your potential users interested in your products and services. But at the same time it is also a tool to remind former users of your unique selling points. But how do you do that while finding the balance and targeting the “right” users? Let’s find out!

Mobile Advertising Types

There are different types of mobile advertising that you can choose. Which category you choose, depends on your product and your target audience. But most of all it depends on where you want to place your ad. Following, we will explain the different forms and places of mobile advertising.

When thinking about where to place mobile advertising you definetly should consider mobile search advertisement, hence placing an ad on search engines, like Google. When a potential user searches a topic related to your product in the web, your advertisement will appear first on their mobile screens. Mobile search ads are always text ads.

Mobile Social ads are endorsements that can be placed on any social media network page, for example on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This type of mobile advertising can be a text ad, but also an image ad, video ad or product placement. Most people are using social media on their smartphones, so an optimized mobile ad constitutes a good investment and gives your business great exposure.

Mobile display ads are a form of mobile advertising that include text ads and / or image ads. For most people display ads are commonly known as “banner”. Display ads are mostly shown on websites of newspapers, blogs or within apps and placed in between the articles.

Mobile video ads can be placed on any video distribution channel, for example on YouTube. Here, the mobile advertising could be placed before the actual video, but also in form of product placements within the video. However, video ads are not only shown on video distribution channels but within apps as well. Mostly after accomplishing certain actions like completing a level of a game.

Choosing an Ad Format

When you are choosing an ad format for your mobile advertising it should meet the following quality criteria:

  1. Image Quality
    The image layout and quality must be of a high quality and resolution.
  2. Relevance
    The information given in the ad should be relevant to the product you are advertising.
  3. Accurate information
    All information given in the ad should be accurate and not misleading.
  4. Adult content
    Make sure not to create provocative or a x-rated mobile ad in order to protect younger users from adult content.


In case you still have some questions which ad format to choose, don’t hesitate to hit us at [email protected] and we will advise you.