Let’s have another look at the successful ICOs and how they are delivering on their roadmaps. We reviewed some of them earlier in the Part 1 and Part 2 of our series.

MyWish$2,670,000 raised (HARD CAP reached)

We are keeping tabs on MyWish for a reason – they are our partners: we helped them on the road to a very successful ICO concluded with a hard cap. We’ll remind you that MyWish is a decentralized platform that provides smart contract solutions for real world issues such as inheritance, loss of private key, kid savings, wedding accounts, etc.

During their ICO, over 500 users signed to MyWish, with 205 contracts concluded on the platform in the initial two months, and the team developed a trial one-day contract together with a pizza delivery service. In late January, they released two major updates to the platform – a crowdsale contract enabling anyone to launch their own token sale, and a Joule system update (Joule is a smart contract for calling other smart contracts). Currently they are in talks of a future partnership with WandX. WISH tokens have increased in value and are traded on Cryptopia, Bancor, EtherDelta, COSS, among others. KuCoin has included the WISH token in their final voting round.

Gladius$14,681,250 raised during pre-ICO (HARD CAP reached)

Gladius, a decentralized system of protection against DDoS attacks, had an attractive idea which helped them on their way to the hard cap even before the official ICO start. Currently the team are busy with keeping to their roadmap, according to which the beta version of the product should be ready by March 2018. As of this date, Gladius have announced major improvements to their interface and code. Meanwhile, they also moved to a new office in Washington, DC and made some important additions to the team, such as Senior Software Engineer. Their tokens are not traded on exchanges, as the distribution started only a few days ago.

Universa$28,7 million raised (HARD CAP reached)

Universa was a very high-profile ICO from an experienced team backed by an illustrious advisory board. It offered improvements over the existing blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin thanks to a distributed state ledger and a contract execution machine, promising to make contracts smarter and allowing to tokenize everything, from boarding passes to gift cards. With that in mind, and an impressive marketing machine to boot, no wonder they had no problems in reaching their hard cap of $28,7 million.

Universa was named the “Blockchain Startup of the year 2017” at the Russian Crypto Awards 2017. Recently Universa have announced their plans to launch the UniPayments.com system based on the Universa protocol, with first transactions slated to occur in April. They are currently preparing for the release of their wallets and improving the API. Their tokens have recently been released to the investors. Addition to Binance is underway.

Crowdholding – ~$2 million raised (HARD CAP reached)

Crowdholding was an under-the-radar utility startup with a very modest hard cap of $2 million, which they succeeded in raising before the scheduled ICO end date of March 2018. Their idea was to provide a platform to connect startups with backers and to reward early adopters with bonuses in YUPIE tokens.

The platform is now fully operational and hosts 30 startups. The team are negotiating with KuCoin and some other exchanges to have their token listed.

Nitro – $2,7 million raised

Nitro is a startup platform connecting all participants of the gaming economy, ranging from gamers to studios and developers. Their goal is to provide a secure marketplace to help obtain funding for up and coming titles. Although Nitro failed to reach the hard cap, the management announced that they have all funds necessary to deliver on their roadmap. Recently they added over 318 games and joined forces with iCandy Interactive and Animoca to launch mobile app companions to a cult TV show MasterChef. Their tokens started off with a spike in value, however, in the wake of the recent market drop, they decreased in value, though the market cap prospects look strong. The tokens are traded on Livecoin and COSS.

AppCoins – $15,300,000 raised (HARD CAP reached)

AppCoins is a utility cryptocurrency to fuel app economy, i.e. to facilitate in-app purchases and accelerate app approval process. Paired with a full-fledged Aptoide app store, the project presented a compelling case for investors and had no problems in getting the hard cap.

Currently the team are working on the wallet, the SDK and the ASF website, all due to go live in March 2018. They are also integrating with µRaiden network for off-chain transactions. The tokens are traded on Binance and Huobi.

Robomed Network – $15 million raised

The application of blockchain in medicine is one of the most intriguing and expected use cases, so Robomed Network, despite almost a complete absence of marketing, managed to attract enough investor attention to raise $15 million. The tokens are traded on Livecoin, and the team is currently developing use cases and scenarios for them. CryptoBazar 2017 in Moscow named Robomed Network among the most successful ICOs of 2017.

INS – $41,5 million raised (HARD CAP reached)

INS became one of the most successful ICOs of 2017, raising over $40 million and getting a favorable mention in a number of high-profile media network, including Forbes. The platform offered to revolutionize the way people buy their groceries and get rid of the domination of large-scale retail networks in favor of direct contact between the customer and the manufacturer.

Since the conclusion of their ICO, their token emerged in the Coinmarketcap Top 100 and was listed on Binance, KuCoin, OKex, Coinrail among others. 4 MoUs were signed with the leading Netherlands manufacturers and a number of additional developers were recruited from Russia and Europe to support the growing ecosystem.

COBINHOOD – $13,216,833 raised

COBINHOOD is a zero-fee cryptocurrency exchange launched in December 2017, following the success of their ICO. Though they have been active for just 2 months, they emerged as one of the most trusted new exchanges and added 16 altcoins to their portfolio of BTC, ETH and COB. Their COB token was, though briefly, in the Coinmarketcap Top 100.

NAGA – $50 million raised (HARD CAP reached)

NAGA Coin is a fintech project for gaming and stock trading from an ambitious German team that had a distinction of organizing the fastest IPO in Germany. They had the same success with their ICO, raising $50 million in 3 weeks.

During the January cryptocurrency spike the NAGA Coin entered the Coinmarketcap Top 100, however, following the recent recess it sits now on the 205th place. The coin is traded on OKEx, HitBTC and COBINHOOD.

United Traders – 43 000 ETH raised

United Traders positioned themselves as an umbrella ecosystem for traders, comprising a cryptocurrency exchange, a marketplace and a crypto media suite. During their ICO they sold 34 403 131 UTT tokens and raised about 43 000 ETH. They haven’t met the hard cap, and their prolonged silence over two months gave rise to worries among investors. However, as recently as on February 1, they released a statement confirming that they are active and working to meet the roadmap and deliver some of their products such as the UT exchange. The UTT token is listed on Coinmarketcap and traded on HitBTC. The team announced that talks with other exchanges are underway.

There’s still a number of interesting ICOs that finished during January. We will be keeping an eye on all of them and will report as soon as they have something newsworthy to announce. Stay tuned!

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