We are continuing our “Where Are They Now” series right where we left off.

ClearPoll– 7 million POLL tokens issued (HARD CAP reached)

ClearPoll is a public opinion platform based on a private blockchain which allows users to create and share polls and to vote on local, national and worldwide issues. An under-the-radar project with a modest cap, they quickly managed to attract all the funds required and roll up their sleeves getting down to work. In the months that followed their ICO success, ClearPoll released the first version of ClearPoll Alpha on Android, enhanced the speed of their blockchain and added new features. They also stayed true to their pre-ICO promise and donated 2% of their tokens to the Ethereum Foundation.

In other news, ClearPoll added Alex Dahan, the founder of OpenInfluence, who was featured in Forbes 30 under 30, to their advisory board. They also launched Clearify, a tool for checking ICO and cryptotrader addresses fueled by POLL tokens.

POLL token is currently traded by 6 exchanges, including Cryptopia, KuCoin and HitBTC, and increased 2x in value.

Snovio– $ 2.129.22 raised

Snovio presented themselves as a decentralized lead generation platform based on data crowdsourcing. Although they didn’t raise a hard cap, the team considered their ICO a success – they raised $ 2.129.22 from 924 participants, which allowed them to add new features and expand the roadmap.

SNOV token demonstrated an impressive 20x growth just over one month. Currently it is traded on EtherDelta, HitBTC, Cryptopia and KuCoin. In latest news, the addition of BiBox has been announced.

SportyFi – $5 million raised

SportyFi is a Slovenia-based sports network built on the Ethereum blockchain which aims to connect clubs, team and athletes directly with their fans, with an embedded fundraising functionality. Following their ICO, during which they raised over $5 million from 500+ investors, the SportyFi team announced that they were on track for the Q1 launch. They secured endorsements from multiple high-profile athletes, including Ronaldinho. Other Brazilian soccer star Roberto Carlos joined the team as Partnership Manager.

Meanwhile, their token increased in value 3x and is being traded on 4 exchanges.

DMarket – $ 19 069 984

DMarket is a global marketplace where gamers could sell and exchange virtual items for tokens via smart contracts. With a team consisting of eSports professionals, they managed to accurately gauge their audience and collect nearly $20 million during their ICO, selling 10 674 tokens. They are currently working on bringing their full-fledged platform to life in Q1 2018 according to the roadmap.

Meanwhile, DMarket successfully conducted a financial audit and hired Coinfabrik, a leading apps security expert, to audit their smart contract. According to the Coinfabrik report, DMarket passed its audit with flying colors.

Their tokens are not yet traded on any exchanges, but users can already exchange DMT to DMC and vice versa.

CommerceBlock – 2,918.09 ETH and 315.84 BTC raised

CommerceBlock presented a financial infrastructure based on a system of public blockchains with federated sidechains and payment channels. They managed to gain the trust of 901 investors, collecting 2,918.09 ETH and 315,84 BTC and issuing 140,286,262 CBT tokens. Following their ICO, they secured investment from Global Advisors and announced partnership with CG Blockchain. CG Blockchain are planning to include CommerceBlock in their FUNDStore, an ecosystem of blockchain based software solutions for hedge and pension funds.

ARNA Panacea$883.323 raised during Pre-Sale

ARNA is a niche though very important in the long-term blockchain-based biotech ecosystem comprising a suite of cancer screening tests and a private blockchain for storing genomic information. Following their pre-ICO, they started clinical trials of Arna BC (breast cancer) test.

SwissBorg– 50,000,000 CHF raised (HARD CAP reached)

SwissBorg is a so-called wealthtech startup meaning that they offer Swiss banking wealth management services but with a decentralized twist using Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to a heavy marketing campaign and a very solid business idea behind the project, they reached their hard cap of 50,000,000 CHF from 20K+ contributors from 75 counties.

They are just coming off their ICO and added their token to two exchanges: HitBTC and Livecoin. In other news, they added Ismail Malik, Editor-in-Chief of ICO Crowd and founder of the Blockchain Lab, London, to the team.

Crypterium– $47 million (HARD CAP reached)

Crypterium is a digital cryptobank that allows instant payments in cryptocurrencies and tokens with bank and virtual card support. Basically, their idea was based around the premise that cryptocurrencies must be as easy-to-use as fiat, and it was definitely the idea that was sure to resonate with the cryptocommunity. They have become one of the most successful ICOs of early 2018, closing their token sale with $47 million contributed by over 60 000 people from 150+ countries.

Coming off their ICO, Crypterium announced launch of their product and expect that their app will go live in the first half of 2018, with the final version released on Android.

DreamTeam – $6 million raised (HARD CAP reached)

DreamTeam marketed themselves as an interesting infrastructural solution for the emerging eSports market, where managers could recruit players and players could join teams and leagues. The platform is now under development, and the team expects that it will connect more than 300 million gamers. Meanwhile, they are getting ready to hit Stage 2 of their token sale in February 2018. Don’t miss it, if you are hooked by their idea.

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