INS Platform is a global decentralized ecosystem that allows consumers to buy groceries directly from manufacturers and vote for new products and enables manufacturers to sell their products, organize promo campaigns, launch loyalty programs, receive feedback from consumers.

Grocery manufacturers and consumers will be connected via an easy-to-use INS app.


Grocery market is one of the largest global consumer markets. By 2020, its capitalization will reach $8,5 billion. However, up to 90% of the grocery market is currently controlled by a few retailers who drive prices up, bully small merchants and supply substandard produce. Retailers get the lion’s share of the profits and have a great power over manufacturers and coлnsumers. Manufacturers spend huge amounts on marketing, but 30% of marketing budget gets lost in the environment of monopolistic competition without reaching the audience.


INS connects consumers directly with manufacturers and eliminates wholesalers and retailers. The platform allows to cut overheads by leveraging the power of blockchain to automate inventory accounting and optimize processes. Blockchain will make the supply chain more efficient and less costly. The ecosystem modules will be deployed in the world’s largest cities along with the infrastructure to support it.

Benefits for Consumers

– Unlimited selection of manufacturers
– High quality produce
– Low cost of goods traded on the platform
– Discounts and incentives from manufacturers
– Product rating and voting system
– Free choice of brands and goods
– Access to independent local manufacturers
– Personal data protection powered by blockchain
– Time saving

Benefits for Manufacturers

– Control over pricing and listings
– Fair competition
– Direct feedback from consumers
– Ability to make any of the goods available for sale
– Launching discount programs for consumers
– Lower costs by eliminating middlemen
– Growing a community of target consumers
– Personalized marketing programs to help promote goods


The INS team has 4 years of experience in the grocery industry and has established good relations with key manufacturers. The Founders are Dmitry Zhulin, an experienced venture capital and private equity professional, previously with VTB Private Equity and PwC, and Peter Fedchenkov, previously with Goldman Sachs and IBM. The key person in charge of blockchain and smart contracts development is Dmitry Khovratovich, an expert in cryptography and security, designer of Argon2 and Equihash. The advisors include such notables as Eyal Hertzog of Bancor and Michael Terpin of Transform Group and BitAngels.


INS secured support from global manufacturers such as Mars, Unilever, FrieslandCampina, Valio, etc, in Q3 of 2017. The INS platform development is scheduled for Q1 of 2018. Apps and user interface will be completed in Q2 of 2018. The launch of the platform is expected in Q4 of 2018.

Audit report

This ICO is rated POSITIVE and LOW RISK by ICORating. The rating agency recommends buying tokens of this project as part of a diversified long-term portfolio. The auditors highlight such strength of the project as suitable implementation of the blockchain technology, experience of the team, strong advisory board, adequate market cap and a professional marketing campaign.

Traffic summary

Traffic to this ICO comes from Russia, the United States, Ukraine, Brazil, and Vietnam. Over 56% of the traffic is direct, next comes referral traffic with 13,6%. Top referring websites include Bitcointalk and Coinschedule. Social traffic comprises nearly 13% in the traffic channel mix, with YouTube, Reddit and Facebook as the leading social traffic sourcers. Over 10,5% of ethereum traffic is generated by ethereum ads.

INS token sale opens today, so check out their website.

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