How to create an effective ad that can stand out from all the others?

Advertisers as well as media buyers are always looking for the creation of an effective ad. There is definitely no one formula, that you can use in all the situations. However there are some things that you can do that will help. Here below we will present some tips that will help you writing compelling ads that target the right customers. Implementing these ideas will help to increase your CTR as well as campaign ROI.

6 Main Tips that can help you to create an effective ad: 

  1. Relevance. To increase relevance of your campaign you should firstly begin with your customers’ search query keywords. Include the most popular of them in your ad titles and text. That will definitely help to increase viewability.
  2. Multiple ads in an ad group. Try to create multiple ads in an ad group. Each ad group can contain as many as 20 ads. Experimenting with a variety of ad titles and text, you will understand which words and phrases are most compelling to your target audience. Doing this you will be able to identify which ad is the most effective in terms of CTR. And further, you can maximize your campaign ROI by deleting the other ads from the ad group.
  3. Uniqueness. Try to underline the uniqueness of your product in the ad, comparing it with the competitors. That will attract customers’ attention as they will see competitive difference.
  4. Customers’ language. Start with the researching of the age group and gender of your audience. Try to use words and a writing tone that can attract your typical customer. Address your customers directly, using the words “you” or “your” in your ads so that you are speaking directly to them.
  5. Be specific. The clearer and more specific your offering, the better it reaches the audience. For example, rather than “big discounts,” you can better specify an exact percentage, such as “50% off.”
  6. Call to action. Try to give customers a reason to click your ad right now. You should always offer a specific call to action, such as encouraging customers to request a brochure or consultation, download a free e-book, subscribe to a newsletter, or take advantage of a limited-time discount. The last one usually is the most attractive.


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