Good Hypethon, isn’t it?

The unique event “ICO-Hypethon” by Crypto Friends, sponsored by Waves platform, today is already a second day in St. Petersburg at the “Street Art Museum”. The event brings together investors, experts and dozens of the best projects & start-up businesses.

Until the end of today with the help of mentors, the teams will finish their projects to perfection and launch pre-ICOs, competing against each other for their share of the ICO Angel pool.

Our BDM, Pavel Shterlyaev is a part of Marketing mentors group for 27 teams presented at the event. Here is Top 5 of the projects according to our mentor:

1. Affchain ecosystem is blockchain-based infrastructure for performance marketing industry and mass adoption mechanism for crypto economy.

2. LastWill is a service to create smart contracts distributing the user’s funds (placed on the contract) between his heirs in case the user can not use them (disappeared, died, etc.)

3. Cryptopay provides an easy, hassle-free access to the bitcoin network, allowing users to utilise all the benefits of a bitcoin wallet with extra capabilities to protect you from market fluctuations and streamline currency conversions.

4. Spheris is grounded in the idea of decentralized application acquisition. An ecosystem where software developers have a direct gateway to reach new markets of consumers, with the ability to provide diverse ways of value exchange, securely and anonymously.

5. The service scope of InkChain involves independent Blockchain at the bottom, transaction platforms for cultural assets trades, and the following distributed economic ecology.

Don’t’ miss the end of the game to know who has won and become the Best Project!

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