Game Machine is a blockchain-based platform that strives to unite the gaming and cryptocurrency communities in a single virtual ecosystem. The platform users will include gamers, game developers and advertisers who will be able to buy and exchange virtual items, engage in p2p lending, invest in new games, or create internal currencies.

Game Machine is based on its own Limited Proof-of-Work (L-PoW) blockchain with GMIT as its internal cryptocurrency mined by gamers and exchanged for virtual items or invested in new games. The project already has a working PC client and was successfully tested for compatibility with such high-profile titles as World of Tanks, DotA 2, CS:GO.


The gaming market is rapidly growing, and its market cap is expected to hit $130 billion by 2020. However, despite its advertising potential and lucrativity, the gaming market has extremely high entry barriers and is accessible only for large advertisers and top-level developer teams. Even if they have a quality product, smaller companies experience difficulties in attracting investors and future gamers on a global scale. Emerging games are hard to monetize, because the majority of gamers don’t want to spend real money on virtual items.

The industry is also suffering from lack of transparency about the effect of advertising and communication between the advertisers and the audience. As a result, it is difficult for game developers to forecast how their product will fare with their target audience, so they have to spend a large portion of their budget on additional marketing research and advertising instead of focusing on improving their product.

This situation is bad for investors as well. Investors often find it difficult to choose the product with the best chances to succeed with the audience or with the best quality due to lack of comprehensive information and forecasting.


Game Machine offers three products as a solution to the above problems:

– Blockchain

The Game Machine blockchain is based on L-PoW and PoA (Proof-of-Authenticity) and supports smart contracts and gaming DAO. The main features of the blockchain is a low transaction fee, fair mining rewards and maximum decentralization.

– PC Client and a mobile app

The PC Client is optimized to work with the GM blockchain and has an in-built miner for gamers. The mobile app contains a wallet and advertising networks.

– Gateway

The GM Gateway is a payment gateway for virtual items supporting 75+ games. These in-game items can be exchanged for cryptocurrency.


The whitepaper envisages the following four levels of a fully developed Game Machine ecosystem.

– Level 1: Game Machine Client.

In addition to its basic platform-access and mining functions, the client will also work as a wallet for storage and sending Gamefuel tokens.

– Level 2: Raise Machine

The fundraising level of the ecosystem that will allow the Game Machine community to invest in new games that, in their opinion, have a potential. All funds go directly to the developers to make them independent from counselors and other influencers. The Raise Machine will give small studios an opportunity to create and sell great games at a reasonable price.

– Level 3: Ads Machine

A decentralized advertising marketplace built in the GM Client to enable publishers or advertisers to market their products to specific demographics. The team expects that this level will generate substantial profits as soon as the user database is created.

– Level 4: Exchange Machine

The purpose of this part of the ecosystem is to make the process of buying and selling tokens easier for gamers. The gamers will be able to easily sell their Gamefuel and convert it to various currencies inside the Game Machine platform.


The project is currently at the beta stage. The Game Machine client was launched in July 2017 and currently supports 30+ popular game titles. The launch of their iOS client is scheduled for March 2018. Gamefuel and GMIT-to-Gamefuel exchange will be added in June 2018. MVP Raise Machine is expected in August 2018. Q4 of 2018 will see the launch of the complete Ads Machine and API launch. The MVP Exchange Machine is scheduled to roll out in Q4 of 2019.


The founder Taras Dovgal has over 5 years of experience in development of web services and high load projects. He is also the ex-CEO of hakk interactive agency. The COO Alex Isaev also has a history of executive work for hakk interactive agency as well as experience in the management of IT projects. The advisory board includes George Basiladze of Cryptopay, Pavel Naumenko, studio head at Nival, and Pavel Sazykin, CTO of Sphere Productions, who has over 16 years of experience in software development.


The Game Machine ICO was assigned the Low Risk rating by ICORating. It currently has the aggregate score of 4.0 on ICObench.

Traffic summary

Traffic to this ICO comes predominantly from Russia, the United States, Ukraine, Brazil and Venezuela. The major portion of the traffic (nearly 30%) is generated by referrals, mostly from cryptocurrency news and analytics websites. The share of social traffic is above 26%, with Facebook, YouTube and VK providing the most traffic. Direct traffic comprises over 20% of the total traffic, while the share of traffic coming from e-mail newsletters is 12%. Ethereum ads help generate 0,45% of the total ethereum traffic.

The Game Machine crowdsale ends in 12 days, so you still have time to support this startup, if you find its business model promising. You can take part in their token sale by going to their website.

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