Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate, however, for some of us it was a period of hard but fruitful work. At the end of 2017, our experts at OceanICO had a great opportunity to assist on an exciting new project which is bound to become a real difference maker for the shared economy market.
CryptoBnB presents an innovative platform for the growing segment of short-term home rentals. Powered by CryptoDNA®, an innovative proprietary mechanism, CryptoBnB offers a marketplace to connect individual home owners and tenants seeking short-term lodgings for their vacations. Among the in-platform services are a new generation search engine powered by AI, Permission Blocks within smart contracts for enhanced transaction security and p2p direct marketing.

OceanICO Ethereum experts joined forces with CryptoBnB developer team to thoroughly examine the ICO smart contracts for any possible errors or inconsistencies in the code. The OceanICO expert team conducted a total of four complete cycles in the Ethereum test net, identified several minor errors in the code and gave recommendations on how to eliminate these errors. After each cycle, all errors so identified were duly remedied by the CryptoBnB developers in close cooperation with the OceanICO experts. According to the audit report, the smart contracts submitted for the final audit perform perform all the functions specified in the technical assignment without any errors.

“OceanICO work was very critical to our operation to give assurance to us and our contributors on the safety of their data”, Tariq Al Wahedi, founder of CryptoBnB, said. The results of the joint efforts by CryptoBnB and OceanICO demonstrate that the CryptoBnB project has a solid technical background and a team proficient in the Ethereum blockchain technology: quite the signs of a trustworthy startup with impressive potential.

We will be reviewing the CryptoBnB ICO in detail very soon; meanwhile, check out their website and stay tuned to our updates.

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