Crowdholding presents a blockchain-based platform to connect startups with the crowd. Startups can use to enlist early adopters to co-create their products, consult experts or get crowdfunded. Startups will exchange these services for YUPIE tokens through the built-in fair revenue distribution system.


Crowdholding offers the following features to their users:

For Entrepreneurs

– Product enhancement
Startups will be able to use crowd support to make their products better and improve the experience

– Ideas validation
Entrepreneurs will get to develop, polish and validate their ideas with community engagement

– Raising awareness
Word-of-mouth marketing and better advertisement with the crowd

For Supporters

– Professional portfolio
A professional portfolio of businesses a user advises

– Token rewards
An opportunity to earn YUPIE tokens and help brands create their products

– Benefits for early adopters
Early adopters will get access to many innovative features and products


This ICO is covered in a solid whitepaper . The whitepaper opens with the problem statement – more than 90% of startups in 2017 will fail due to entirely solvable issues such as lack of market need or lack of capital. The solution proposed in the whitepaper is to establish a new crowdfunding platform with a focus on co-creation to help entrepreneurs develop understanding about what the public needs and connect them with a community of users and experts eager to assist them in creating and building their product.

The whitepaper points out that the distinguishing feature of is an innovative business model where entrepreneurs no longer have to sacrifice their creative vision to accommodate the needs of backers, because the awards are paid out of future revenue. Another difference-making feature is that the projects will have lasting relationships with potential customers leveraging the benefits of social media marketing.


The prototype website was launched in autumn 2016 with a hundred alpha users. The project launched the beta version with 15 startups on board in early spring of 2017, following which secured investments from Richfox Capital and the Vakoc brothers. By the end of 2018 the project expects to reach 1,000 startups and 3,000,000 application users with crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platforms launched. The marketplace will be launched in late 2018. 2019 will see API integration, emergence of mobile apps and community development.


The project is led by CEO Ethan Clime, an expert in alternative crowd financing who organized and led 2 successful crowdfunding campaigns (Angee and Aquajar). The CMO is Aleks Bozhinov, who helped launch 2 startups (For Sale!; Aquajar) and previously worked for Google. Blockchain architecture is being developed by Chris Fronda, a talented coder passionate about blockchain and smart contracts who has developed innovative software sold to a large corporation. The CTO is Rosario Colletti, former Principal Engineer at Netsuite/Oracle. The COO is Paolo Lacche, formerly of Skype and HP, a veteran of mobile, social and web applications.


This ICO is rated MEDIUM RISK by ICORating . Audit reports are upcoming.

Traffic summary

Traffic to this ICO comes predominantly from Ukraine, Russia, the United States, Czech Republic, and Vietnam. Referrals are by far the major source of the traffic and are responsible for over 54% in the traffic channel mix. Top referring sites include Bitcoin news portals and ICO listings. Another important source of traffic are social networks, with Facebook, Quora and Reddit as the primary traffic providers. Nearly 7% of the ethereum traffic is brought to this ICO by ethereum ads.

Visit Crowdholding at their dedicated ICO webpage to find out more about what they have to offer.

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