We are immensely proud to announce that our partners MyWish have reached their long-awaited hard cap of $2,670,000 during their token sale. According to the statement of MyWish CEO Vladimir Tikhomirov, “the project prioritises product development over marketing noise, and therefore MyWish reached its maximum coverage by the end of the crowdsale”.

MyWish is a decentralized platform for standalone smart contracts integrating blockchain solutions with the real world. Their products include smart contracts activated if the private key is lost, LastWill inheritance smart contract, kid savings account, wedding account, and a growing library of customized smart contracts.

MyWish acquired 537 signed users and helped conclude 205 contracts on the platform during the first two months since its launch. They are currently working on contracts for the B2B sector. A trial one-day contract with a pizza delivery network was a huge success.

TargeAd is a traffic provider for MyWish and we would like to congratulate the team on this achievement. Keep up the good work!

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