Blocklancer position themselves not just as marketplace but as a Distributed Autonomous Job Market (DAJ) built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Their goal is to create a self-regulating platform to connect freelancers in search of a job and customers looking to outsource work. According to the project starters, their mission is to create a job market of the future, and to solve multiple problems that plague the current freelance job market. The beta version of the platform is already up and running.


With the advent of Wi-Fi Internet, remote and freelance work became one of the fastest growing markets. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles that most freelancers have to overcome. The major concern is payment security, while the centralized nature of all existing platforms brings about the risk of unfair decisions. Potential clients, in their turn, face the problem of fake reviews and unconfirmable experience of freelancers.


What distinguishes Blocklancer from other similar platforms is the Tokenholder Tribunal at its core. All decisions related, for example, to settling disputes between clients and contractors or improvements and changes to the platform, are made by a collective of token holders. This feature increases trust and eliminates the danger of a central authority manipulating the community.

The voting platform will be built on the blockchain to protect it from tampering with. The blockchain will use the Proof-of-Identity mechanism to prevent freelancers from creating multiple accounts used to generate fake ratings and reviews. Security of transactions will be guaranteed by smart contracts. Freelancer and client accounts will be stored on the blockchain, so that each user will be able to transfer his or her data to another freelance marketplace, including the reviews and history section.

Token utility

According to the business model, the value of LNC tokens will be directly related to their use for internal functioning of the platform, such as means of payment of commissions and paid services such as highlighting assignments. Tokens will also be used for rewarding users for their involvement in the running of the platform, such as settling disputes or voting on the changes. Developers will retain 20% of the LNC tokens, while 78% tokens will be distributed during the tokensale.


The first Solidity smart contracts for the Blocklancer platforms were implemented back in mid-2017, while the demo version was made available to the participants of the pre-sale in September 2017. The alpha version of the platform was released in November 2017, and the beta went live in Q1 of 2018. The final version of Blocklancer will be released in the Ethereum Mainnet as early as in Q2 of 2018. The release of iOS and Android versions are planned for Q3 of 2018; at the same time a decentralized Whisper Protocol will be implemented.


Blocklancer is created and run by a young but talented Austrian team. The CEO/CTO and co-founder Michael Kaiser has a degree in Computer Science and is a practicing entrepreneur and programmer. The CFO and co-founder Christof Kurzemann is a business economist and a co-founder of Lambda Dynamics. The other founder Kevin Kaiser is experienced in freelance programming, including in Solidity. The advisory board includes Jason Hung, an experienced ICO Advisor, and Chris Abdey of oDesk. The team has partnered with a number of other high-profile blockchain startups such as MicroMoney and HOQU.

Traffic summary

Traffic to this ICO comes mainly from such geos as India, the United States, Russia, Japan, and Germany. Almost 48% of the traffic comes via referrals, mostly from Bitcointalk and ICO calendars. Direct traffic comprises nearly 36% of all traffic, and the share of social traffic is 4%. Top channels of social traffic include Twitter, Quora and Facebook. The share of ethereum traffic generated by ethereum ad is modest – only 0,06%, but we expect that as the ICO closes, it will grow.

If you are hooked by this business idea, you have time to decide and support this startup until February 28 or until they reach the hard cap (which may be very soon, as they have collected their soft cap rather quickly). Meanwhile, visit their website.

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