BlockShow Asia 2017 is one of the biggest conferences showcasing blockchain solutions and developments. This large-scale event took place on November 29 and November 30 bringing together the hottest startups, ICOs and blockchain professionals. It is only fitting that the location for this year’s BlockShow was Singapore, a global business hub and a country where blockchain technology is implemented on the government level.

One of the highlights of the conference was the annual ICOscar ceremony, a competition where most promising startups competed for the prize of $20,000 and complete assistance from the sponsor Waves. This year’s winner was ElectrifyAsia, a blockchain-based intelligent energy ecosystem covering the Asian continent. Another high point of the event was ICO-Hypethon, organized by CryptoFriends(by the way, TargeAd helped them run an advertising campaign) where participants and guests were able to explore the most daring projects, witness ICO launch in real time and support them by purchasing tokens.

TargeAd are happy and proud to have been able to attend this impressive conference. Our Alexander Tkachev had a great opportunity to meet many partners and clients, including ModulTrade, Academy School of Blockchain, Block.One, and connect with promising startups that we are excited to cooperate with (BitCar, as an example).

Check out our photos from this fantastic event.

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