Like we discussed before Ad Networks hold wide appeal for both Publishers and Media Buyers. And they are becoming more important on specific markets where you need experienced support. In this case we are talking about cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin.

On the media buyer side, the main benefits of using Ad Networks are increased reach, flexible payment models and lower costs.

On the content provider side, otherwise, their help is that they offer an easy way to sell a large amount of needed inventory. What is extremely important when you especially working with new markets, in our case like Bitcoin.

As we have already talked about advantages for media buyers to work with Ad Networks, today we will focus more on benefits for the publishers.

There are countless Ad Networks and sifting through them all to find the top Ad Networks for Publishers is difficult. Direct selling to Media Buyers even Advertisers requires a high amount of resources, resources most Publishers don’t have.  So, most Publishers opt to partner with Ad Networks to fill ad inventory to monetize their sites.

Online Advertising Networks are a great resource for Publishers to sell ad inventory. The Network aggregates online ad space on behalf of Publishers and helps to manage it in the best way. Let’s go through main benefits in more details:

Delegation. Everyone is doing its own job. So that Publisher can focus more on key tasks and delegate the other to a good and experienced partner. Thus minize efforts and concentrate more on its business optimizing it in the right way.

Fixed income. Publisher can get fixed income with less efforts as Ad Network helps to manage all inventory like an agent. What is also very useful as you can plan your revenue.

No technical skills required. Publisher doesn’t need to be a tech guru to implement everything, Ad Network gives simple code and the job is done. There is no need to waste time trying to understand some new approach.

So, if you are looking for an Ad Network, you have just found good partner. TargeAd has great experience and can help you to manage everything. You will reach great results with less efforts and in short terms, especially on Bitcoin market!

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